A Winter Drive by Gabbi Fortin

driving down the winding, never ending road

with trees hugging both sides,

which are white and heavy from the day’s constant snowfall.

they appear to be a shelter from the winter.


the dancing white crystals float slowly down from the sky

and then faster

and faster 

until the flurries charge toward the windshield,

as if they’re soldiers trying to win the war

and then the bright yellow signs read ‘road closed’

and the neon orange signs read ‘detour’.


turning on a smaller and forgotten road-

the snow still furiously roaring from the sky-

there is a hidden waterfall, struggling to keep moving

and a small cabin fighting gravity’s pull

surrounded by a frozen lake.

and pine trees that look like they stop growing only once they hit the moon.


the snow has yet to settle down

and the wind is only getting angrier

the sun is saying goodbye to the grey skies.


and the cabin looks warm, with smoke coming out the chimney

and an inviting smell takes over.


into the cabin to escape the winter storm, but only for a little while. 

only until the snowflakes surrender. 

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