What happened to Rose Gold? by Emma Jevack

Does anyone else remember that era of 2014/15 where everything was Rose Gold? From phone cases to nail polishes, anything that had room for a glimpse of color was almost guaranteed to be Rose Gold. I remember watching Youtubers decorate their rooms with rose gold posters and decor, and then going on pinterest and looking in awe at the picturesque rooms, sprinkled with marble and rose gold accents.Then looking at my own middle school bedroom and acting as if I had the orginizational skills to actually recreate it.

Besides my own failed attempts for a Rose Gold bedroom, it’s so crazy to me how a color became so ingrained in consumerism and lifestyle. It’s not just rose gold, everytime Pantone releases their color of the year, we’re sure to see pillows, lamps, and shirts with that same hue popping up everywhere around us. And then 2 months later, no one even remembers what it is. Color is such an important element of our lives, and while we might fixate over a color only for a period of time, that doesn’t change the fact that without color, life would be dull and not as exciting.

Maybe I was the only one with the Rose Gold obsession, so maybe my experience wasn’t universal, but I’m sure everyone has had a favorite color at some point in their lives.

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