Vacation by Kevin Jiang

Vacation is such a foreign concept to me. Unless you count the many college visits I’ve been on over the past two years, I haven’t been on vacation for at least five years. This time period might seem short to some people and long to others, but that’s not the point. What I’m really excited about is finally going on a vacation with my family this summer. The planning has been left up to me, but… I don’t really know where I want to go.

I feel as though the ideal American vacation envisioned by many is a relaxing stay at a secluded island paradise, with no intrusion from the harried nature of the outside world. However, where is one to find this private island? Are some islands better than others? Moreover, I don’t even subscribe to the notion that spending time burning on a beach with turquoise water nearby constitutes an ideal vacation. After all, who wants to have their skin fried in the name of having a relaxing time? Next idea.

Some would suggest the idea of going on vacation to a large city. Personally, visiting Singapore, Sydney, or Stockholm seems appealing enough, but I worry that there won’t be enough time to explore everything that I’m interested in. In a way, it’s the exact opposite problem from above. So, beaches are boring, cities are crazy. I have one more options to think about. Next.

The last idea I’ve had is a good ol’ road trip. A thought out road trip is, in my opinion, one of the least appreciated methods of travel and vacation. Equally spontaneous and planned, meandering through cornfields and towns along Route 66 sounds quite appealing. However, the common gripes about road trips are very true. Spending half of my vacation driving, even if the cornfields are colorful, just doesn’t sound desirable.

I guess I’m out of ideas, but I have three more months to think about it. Maybe I’ll have decided by the next blog.

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