Some Songs I Like Right Now ( With a Preface) by Lane Murray

I got put in gym class instead of a free period, and sitting in the sweaty North Gym is really dampening my mood to write this. I’m a senior, and I’ve completed all my gym credits, yet here I am due to a schedule glitch that no one has cared to fix no matter how many emails I send or doors I show up at. Its seriously, seriously killing any motivation I have to come up with a creative blog idea. I typically love writing these, they’re the best opportunity I’ve had to just write about random stuff that I think about where I know it won’t just sit in my computer forever and not go anywhere. Not that our blog site is blowing up with views, but I know there are some that find their way here one way or another 🙂

Its Friday of the first week of the second semester and I’ve been in this class since our first day back, a whole week. I’m starting to think I may be forgotten about and will have to spend what was supposed to be my first ever free period of high school in the North Gym playing dodgeball… Either way, I can’t even play dodgeball because I have such a severe case of asthma that I will assuredly end up hospitalized if I have to play. So basically this is terrible news.

In the week I’ve sat in the bleachers of this class, I’ve had the time to refine a newer playlist, so here are some of the artists and a few songs from each that have made this week of scheduling misfortune pass by seemingly quicker (as well as a photo of my dogs by the tree mentioned in my previous post):

Club Kuru: The Memory Junkie, Giving In

Steve Lacy: Dark Red, Ryd

TV Girl: Cynical One, Birds Don’t Sing

Peach Pit: Peach Pit, Sweet FA, Alrighty Aphrodite                

Her’s: What Once Was, Marcel                                                                  

The Internet: Special Affair, Come Together

Omar Apollo: Ashamed, Erase, Brakelights

Angele: Ta reine, Je veux tes yeux, Jalousie

Tyler, The Creator: See You Again (feat. Kalis Uchis), I THINK, RUNNING OUT OF TIME

Crumb: Bones, Part III, Locket

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