A List of Ten by Bronwyn Warnock

Image result for ten"A lot of colleges have supplemental essays and some universities have supplemental essays that are quite special. My favorite supplemental is “list ten”. List ten anything: your top ten, your least favorite ten, your worst ten, any ten. So here is my ten…

  1. Long walks on the beach with my dog
  2. The scent of a fire
  3. Waking up and still having an hour of sleep until you have to get ready for the day
  4. When sun comes through a window and you can see the rays
  5. The moment right before the start of a chorus
  6. Going out in the middle of nowhere and seeing the stars
  7. The ambiance of being in a theater
  8. Completing an Ikea furniture
  9. When you’re cleaning your room and you find things you haven’t seen in months
  10. Laughing with your friends until your stomach churns

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