Sleep Procrastination by Kevin Jiang

I’ve experienced the following scenario too many times this year:

6:45 AM (alarm goes off): Ugh, the alarm again? What time is it? It seems like this alarm goes off earlier every day. Come to think of it, are you sure it doesn’t go off earlier every day? Anyway, I’ll dismiss this alarm and go back to sleep. I’ve got another one set for later anyway.

7:20 AM (second alarm goes off): Again? No way that was 35 minutes. Why can’t I sleep in peace until I actually have to go to school? Snooze button!

7:30 AM (alarm goes off after snoozing): School doesn’t start for another 35 minutes, and it takes no more than 10 minutes to drive there. I like school, but I like sleeping more. I’ll be okay. Snooze.

7:40 AM (fourth alarm of the morning): I’ve heard this same alarm tone too many times this morning. Maybe I won’t snooze it this time, just so I don’t have to hear it again. Oh, wait, I can’t. School starts in 25 minutes, and I haven’t made sure I have everything, eaten breakfast, or anything. Perhaps I should consider sleeping in my jeans so that I don’t have to change when I get up in the morning. That’ll equate to 3 extra minutes of sleep tomorrow. But for today, I should try to get moving.

7:50 AM (wandering around looking for something in particular that I can’t remember): 15 minutes until school starts. I should probably leave. I don’t even know what I’m missing, anyway.

8:00 AM (enters school): Hey, I made it here on time! Looks like those extra 45 minutes of sleep were worth it after all!

This seems like a feeling that is universal to most high school students. Perhaps I’m a bit on the extreme end by giving myself only 10 minutes from getting out of bed to out of the door, but it’s definitely felt my most students at some level. And I make it to school on time every day, meaning my 45 minutes of sleep procrastination won’t have any tangible negative consequence, besides for occasionally having to use a pen instead of a pencil because I forgot to find one in my 5 minutes wandering around. Rinse, and repeat tomorrow. Score.

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