One of the Writing Center’s Greatest Resources by Gabbi Fortin

Here in the writing center, there are so many things that student writers can play with to help with nerves, or just to help them think. We have Kinetic Sand, Rubix Cubes, mini Zen Gardens, the list goes on. However, there’s one thing that stands out from the others. One thing that, from the moment you pick it up, your mind becomes engrossed in your work. This thing, is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. 

I’ve had experience with other brands of slime, putty and everything in between. Play-Doh can be too dry, slime can be, well, too slimy. Some brands of putty just don’t have the right consistency, or they just don’t engender enough air pockets and bubbles. But Crazy Aaron- well, Crazy Aaron does it just right. 

Some things to do with the putty:

-Make a perfect sphere and put your finger in the middle. Try and make the ring as thin and even as possible before it gets too thin and breaks.

-Create a really thin layer of the putty and fold it onto itself. This makes for great air pockets.

-Make a ball and bounce it on the table (yes, it bounces, and it bounces really well.) I have yet to do this, because I’m terrified of it falling on the ground and becoming really dirty.

-The best thing, I think, is to just squeeze it, over and over again. It becomes hypnotizing after a while.

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase my own putty off of Amazon, that way I don’t just have to wait until 4th period to play with putty. What arrived in the mail was a silver tin full of smooth, dark blue putty. What’s really cool is that my putty gets lighter from the heat of my hands, and it glows in the dark. 

Yes, I realize I sound like a six year old boy who just got a new truck to play with, but I’m totally fine with it. 

Whether or not the putty actually makes me more productive than I would be without it is a different question altogether. For now, I’m just happy playing with my putty while writing!

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