An Open Letter to an Absent Study Hall by Grace Geier

Dear 2nd-Period Study Hall students,

The Writing Center awaits your visit, and every day we long for you to appear at our door. Our endless supply of candy and readily available interns are at your disposal, yet you seem not to care for our help. What did we do to deserve this silent treatment? Why have we lost your trust in our writing process? I promise you won’t regret a trip to the writing center, and I can guarantee that we’ll shower you with helpful advice and Skittles (or whatever candy of your choice). Whether it be an English literary analysis, a foreign language essay, an IA, or any other writing-related work, your 2nd-period interns are here to assist you. Please don’t turn your back on a chance to grow as a writer. We can’t wait to meet with you!


Your very own writing center

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