Christmas Traditions by Tomasina DeLong

So, we are past Thanksgiving and I am on my countdown to Christmas. The Advent and Christmas calendars have come out, meaning it is time to plan for Christmas. I am soooooooo excited for this year because my Aunt Lucy, Uncle Tom, two cousins, and grandma from Florida are coming to visit. My cousins are 4 and 6 and this is their first time “up north” so they are hoping for snow. Also, my Uncle Steve, another grandma, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Matt, and their three kids are all coming from Pittsburgh. This will be the first time my grandma, her 4 kids, and her 8 grandkids will all be in the same place so it is bound to be LOADS of fun!  With that, my sister and I are coming up with a big list of activities to do with all of them when they come and I am going to share these ideas with you:

  • Sledding/ playing in the snow/ building a snowman
  • Baking and decorating Christmas/ holiday cookies
  • Gingerbread house decorating 
  • Putting together a holiday puzzle
  • Ice skating in public square (or just at an ice rink)
  • Roller Skating 
  • Boardgame tournament/ family game night
  • Pottery
  • Family photos with matching pajamas 
  • Christmas movie marathon
  • Writing letters to Santa
  • Decorating the Christmas trees / wreathes
  • Visit Christmas light show
  • Make a hot chocolate bar 
  • Go caroling (or just sing at home while enjoying your cookies and hot chocolate by the fire)

Well, these are just some ideas but the most important thing, in my opinion, is to take loads of pictured because time flies. You will want to remember all of the wonderful memories you made this holiday season regardless of what you end up doing.

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