A Letter to Shaker Schools by: Bronwyn Warnock

A Letter to Shaker Schools
To whom this may apply,
Good morning! Well actually my morning yesterday wasn’t good. I woke up and looked out my window to find many inches of snow and dread filled my body as I knew getting to school was going to be a struggle. Last year I wrote an article on the importance of snow days and for reference I have attached the link at the end of this blog and plea. Nevertheless, I must continue with my story. Yesterday morning, after I piled on an uncomfortable amount of clothing, I ventured outside into what I like to call a frozen wonderland for lack of a better phrase. Outside of my comfy home was far from a wonderland though as I desperately tried to shovel my driveway clear and defrost the car. When I finally got out of my driveway, a new set of struggles was presented to me. The roads, while they may have been “clear” were in fact not. I drive along the popular and well-loved street of South Woodland. Snow and salt slush lined the sides of the street while thin sheets of ice and other dangerous non-road substances were found along the street. Not once, not twice, but thrice I was worried about my safety during my trip to school. We are currently in a winter weather warning and this situation poses significant danger to the students while they are travelling to school. I do not agree that we should have had school last Tuesday as I believe both students and staff were put in danger while driving and walking to school and discomfort in the morning working to get there. I believe a solution to this matter, at least for high school students, would have been to transport us via buses in order to protect our safety or the use of a delayed start would have been helpful. Nonetheless, a snow related delay or day should have been used.
Yours truly,
Bronwyn Warnock
This letter was made in support of many Shaker Heights High School Students.

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