My Halloween Costume: An Explanation by Gabbi Fortin

I must say, Halloween this year was extremely underwhelming, at least for me. I forgot it was Halloween until my zero period weight training class’ workout was festively Halloween themed. That morning I packed a simple yellow pencil skirt, a long sleeved gray shirt and Vans, and when I finished changing, I kicked myself for not even packing eyeliner to draw a spider web on my cheek. However, I quickly came up with an explanation for my ‘costume’:

Jessica is fresh out of Ohio University, and wore this outfit to her first job interview. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the job- she didn’t wear a blazer, she didn’t have heels or stockings on, and her hair was a mess. To make matters worse, her hand shake is overly aggressive. 

In the end, Jessica not getting her dream job as HR at Stein & Sons turned out to be a blessing in a curse. After the interview, she saw a post from her ex-best friend who was living her best life traveling abroad all over South America. This post prompted a total quarter life crisis. What was she doing with her life? The only HR experience she had was solving disputes between her sisters in Delta Delta Delta, and even then she’d complain about how petty they were being to her roommates. 

Intent on finding something meaningful to do with her life, she found an organization that lets you teach students English in a third world country, all expenses paid. Whether or not Jessica applied because she actually wanted to help people is irrelevant. She applied and got in! She spent a full year in Sri Lanka, and n

ow spends her time working as PR (not HR) for Upton Hudson law. 

She now takes every opportunity to talk about the fact that she spent a year in Sri Lanka, and how bad the conditions are for the children, while drinking her venti vanilla iced latte with coconut milk from Starbucks. 

So while you may think that I did not dress up for Halloween, I actually did!

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