songs by emilia richter

A song that reminds me of my childhood is… well I’m really not sure. I can only think of little nursery rhymes and kid’s songs and that kind of thing. The kind of songs that come with a sing-along book and a CD and crayons. Or the kind that are supposed to teach you how to read. I don’t know the names of those songs. I barely even remember how they go.

Sometimes I hear a song and it is overwhelming. I am overwhelmed with emotion because memories hit me so suddenly. I feel like I have been transported back to a different time of my life, and I feel just how I did back then. 

Lots of times, I hear a song and for some reason my brain has associated it with a person. Sometimes the songs makes me feel happy, because I am friends with that person and I am excited to see them again. Other times, the song reminds me of someone who I don’t talk to anymore. There are too many of those. It’s unfortunate because all of the songs are good. I love those songs. But they are tainted by association. I introduced that song to someone, or we listened to it together, or we both were obsessed with it. So when I hear a song like that, I feel sad because of the loss, angry because of what happened, and hopeless because there’s nothing I can do. 

Sometimes I hear a song and it makes me want to go to sleep. Or fall in love or get married or just sit there and do nothing at all. Some songs make me get up and dance all on my own. Some make me cry and some make me think. And lots of them make me want to write songs.

I really want to write songs. I have tried writing some. I don’t know if they are any good!! I guess there’s no way to objectively say if something is good or bad, beautiful or tasteless. It all depends, right? And there are tons of artists writing whole albums with one computer and zero instruments.

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