10 Tidbits about Senior Year by: Bronwyn Warnock


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Here are ten tidbits about the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the in between of senior year.

1) You finally have some level of justification for the senioritis that has loomed over you ever since freshmen year.

2)  You have reached a turning point in your life. Instead of experiencing first times you are experiencing last times. Last home football games, last homecoming, last year of life as a high schooler.

3) Thinking beyond the walls of the high school makes your hands a little clammy and your heart race a little bit. You are never quite sure if it’s because you’re excited or because you’re terrified. Although, a combination of both is healthy.

4) You want to wear sweatpants everyday, but you know you need to wear some other article of clothing at least once a week. The urge to walk into school in the exact way you woke up is sometimes just too hard to resist.

5) Applications and deadlines rest on your mind like a heavy weight. Enough said.

6) If you never valued it before (alike myself) you learn to LOVE your sleep. Nap times become a necessity because well: sleep is a beautiful thing.

7)  Balancing is key, time management is key, hard work is key. In the end, there are a lot of keys – don’t misplace them.

8) If you take Statistics, you are taught that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, as the most important meal is dinner. Regardless, please still eat breakfast – just soak in the information throughout your day as well. You never know when it will serve you later in life.

9) It is perfectly okay to take a break, take a walk, take time for yourself. Everyone works at a different pace, but your health should be the most important – and yes – that includes mental health.

10) Value each moment. It was said earlier, but it’s beyond worth it to utter it again. This is your last year at the high school. After this year, you will never walk the halls of Shaker Heights High School as a student. Try out for that team, talk to that person you’ve always wanted to be friends with, or dance to the songs in the hallways – but whatever it is take that risk. You only have one shot left, so go make it count.

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