A Cursor on an Empty Page by Tomasina DeLong

Here I am, staring at a blank document. Well, it is actually multiple blank pages because it is college essay writing season. I am applying to about 9 schools, and at this point, I have at least seven supplemental essays toImage result for college essay writing write, each different:

  • 650 words: What are your career goals? 
  • 200 words: Why do you want to go to this school? 
  • 350 words: In what ways will you bring individuality to our campus? 
  • 400 words: What fictional character do you most relate to? 
  • 700 words: Why will you be successful in med-school and how do we know you are ready to administer patient care? 

These are not easy questions, and the pressure of my college admittance being dependent on them does not relieve my anxiety. How will I be able to tell the colleges concisely and articulately if I can barely answer them myself? There is so much stress and illness associated with writing these essays that it seems easier to avoid them altogether than actually write them. This is a perpetual cycle because the longer I avoid it, the less time I will have to write it which will, in turn, make me even more stressed. My point being, that this black curser appearing and disappearing is daunting but I must get started. Writing is a process and I just need to begin. 



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