What Senioritis Means to Me by Fenner Dreyfuss-Wells

Senioritis is not an affliction of laziness. It’s an awakening, an epiphany, a new way of living. For me, it means not always raising my hand in class when I don’t understand something immediately, realizing that it will all be okay, that I’ll get it. It means putting my homework away and going to bed early and understanding that I don’t have to think about everything right then, that things will work out in due time. It means not worrying that I’ll forget something important, trusting my mind to remember. It means thinking about things that aren’t school, and putting them first sometimes. Like friends and family.

It doesn’t mean that my grades are falling, or that I’m copying homework, or skipping classes. This is my senioritis, and I wish I’d found it earlier.

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