The Countdown Begins by Bronwyn Warnock

5 days until Spring Break. 6 days until April. 33 days until prom. 38 days until May. 73 days until June 5th (aka the LAST day of school). It’s incredibly surreal to think that the school year is slowly winding down. It honestly feels like the school year just began yesterday.

As the students and staff begin to count down towards the end of the school year, some people may be filled with anxiety due to college decisions or improving grades, yet others may be filled with happiness. The end of the school year brings exciting events, such as prom and graduation. For some, just the idea of not having to wake up in the early hours of the morning is satisfying enough. Other events at the end of the school year such as Advanced Placement testing and finals can be a stressful time.

Change can be a hard thing to adjust to but the transition from the end of the school year to the summer is a very easy change for both the students and the staff. The seniors of the high school building are especially looking forward to the end of the school year as they have paid the most time at the high school. The effects of the deviled “Senioritis” have already set into the minds of the seniors, who are anxious to be done with high school. As for the juniors, they are working to push through the end of the school year in order to show future universities and/or employers what they can do. The sophomores, and especially the freshmen, are simply just wishing for the end of the school year as they have already gotten into the groove of the year and are anticipating an end.  Once Shaker gets through the “countdown” of the end of the year it will be smooth sailing out of the high school building and onto brighter (and hopefully sunnier) days.

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