Why I Love Shazam- The Best Song Identifier on Apple by Grace Meyer


Have you ever heard a new song on the radio or somewhere random with a chorus that tickles your fancy or strikes you as incredible, no matter how simple the lyrics are? The kind of music that refuses to leave your thoughts and hooks you on the first note? Have you been dying with curiosity to find out its name, but don’t want to ask your friends in hopes of not seeming out of the loop? If so, I recommend checking out the app Shazam. It has millions (I’m pretty sure) of songs stored in its memory so after a couple seconds of listening, it automatically pulls up information about it! I can remember at least one instance where I let the opportunity of finding out the name of a song go by, and I wish I would’ve found out about this app earlier (although it is free, if you have an Apple device asking Siri works perfectly fine too). However, if you get no results, the song was probably recorded only for the purpose of a movie or other entertainment purposes, which is the only disadvantage. Some songs are too obscure to be well-known, but the chance of this happening is pretty low. If you get the chance, Shazam will be worth your while (this sounds so much like an ad, sorry).

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