Hundreds of Playlists by Molly Spring

In times of joy, happiness, despair, or frustration, I turn to music. I, myself, have never played an instrument besides the recorder in the second grade; however, I consider music to be one of the most important parts of my life. Music teaches us about each other. Music can captivate, amaze, heal, and move you in such a way that nothing else can. Some of my best memories I can attach a song or artist to and I am reminded of the same smiles and laughs when that first note plays. I have made hundreds of playlists in my life. Playlists that convey an array of emotions, playlists that represent certain times of my life, playlists that bring a strong sense of nostalgia or a smile to my face. I journal in playlists. Each month, sometimes each week, I create a new playlist of all the music I’ve discovered that month, playing it constantly until I get sick of each song. Music is therapy.


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