Are Mondays Really That Bad? by Bronwyn Warnock

Today my math teacher told our class that Mondays were her favorite day. Following her announcement, the whole class proceeded to go into a battle of which day of the week was best. Personally, I have my own opinions on each day of the week and I believe that they are extremely agreeable.

Monday: Mondays actually rock. Mondays bring new beginnings and open up the possibilities for people to turn over a new leaf. A new week is ahead, so why don’t you put a smile on your face and work it?

Tuesday: Tuesdays set the tone for the week. Following a positive Monday, a common Tuesday allows for everyone to plan out the rest of their week with a nice understanding of the responsibilities that need to get taken care of. Tuesdays are an OK day overall as the week begins to seem long but the goals can be set.

Wednesday: Wednesday, oh, Wednesday! Wednesday means that the week (or at least the school/work week) is half-way over. The means its time to really get down to business and start knocking out what needs to get done. There’s something thrilling and inspiring about feeling half-way over with something.

Thursday: Thursday, also known as Friday Junior, is like a beginning to an end. The weekend is so close yet there is still work to do. Thursdays should be empowering because you’re almost there and you’re at the home stretch.

Friday: FRIDAY! You’ve almost made it! You’ve made it to the end of the business week at least so that means the stress of responsibilities can temporary subside. Fridays mean staying up late and expecting to sleep in the next morning.

Saturday: Saturdays are days for you! Take the load off and relax or do what makes you happy.

Sunday: Sundays are days that I can’t quite understand if I love them or despise them. I’m SO grateful for the extra day to sleep in, but as soon as I wake up I remember that tomorrow I have to get back to business and that some part of today has be taken up by responsibilities. To put it best, Sundays are half amazing and half saddening.

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