A Critique of the Things I Watched While I was Out Sick by Claire Ockner

  1. The Edge of SeventeenA surprisingly funny movie. My mother and I watched this together since we both had the stomach flu, and both of us thought it was cute, hilarious, and sad all at once. If a movie can make both a 17 and a 51 year old laugh, I’d say it’s pretty funny. My criticisms: the movie is unrealistic. I don’t think that anyone would ever send a text even remotely as raunchy as Nadine sent to Nick. Also, I wish they had revealed how Nadine and Krista reconnected after the main conflict. There were definitely some loose ends that I wasn’t quite satisfied with, but I’d still give this movie a solid 9/10.
  2. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy TapesThis four-part documentary seriously gave me the chills. Hearing the voice of someone who was capable of doing such horrific things is both fascinating and fear-inducing. The documentary does a good job of capturing Bundy’s charming facade without romanticizing it. My criticism: I wish they had spent more time telling us who the victims were. They deserve to be remembered way more than the monster who took their lives.
  3. Law and Order: SVUDUH-DUH. Enough said.
  4. An Assortment of Cute Puppy VideosAmazing. Beautiful. Perfect. Dogs are too good for this world. I’m not sure how many puppy videos I’ve watched in the past two and a half days, but I’m guessing around 25. My criticisms: none. 10/10, perfect in every way.

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