Math is Just a Social Construct by Bronwyn Warnock


1+1=2. sin x divided by cos x equals tan x. y=mx+b.

These equations may be important in your life, but they are not in mine. Well, with the exception of 1+1=2.

To put it plain and simple, math just sucks. I’ve never been particularly fond of math and have never been that good at it either. Right now, I’m sitting on my bed with my math homework staring back at me. I don’t really have a clue how to do it and the questions are haunting me. Instead of doing my math homework, I have honestly been thinking about how math is just made-up.

The numbers one, two, and three did not always exist. One plus one did not always equal two. 1+1 only started to equal 2 once the mathematicians of the world told us so.

Now, everyone can agree that numbers are practically made up. But at one point, words were made up too. People have been speaking languages for hundreds of thousands of years as communication is critical for survival. The ability to express oneself is engraved into human nature. Conflicts and compromises have been sprinkled throughout our history for as long as time can remember. Yet, one day, an unfortunate group sat down at a table. This table sat down and cultivated a monster. This monster was called Math. The luminous creature of Mathematics did not only take one day, it most likely took many years. Now for a comparison. Sometimes, when one does a math problem, the process to get to the answer can take an eternity. This is most likely because it took these so called mathematicians an eternity to create the problem set of numbers and figures.

While this is an over-exaggerated explanation of my opinions about math, the common principle and golden law still pertains. Math just sucks.




One thought on “Math is Just a Social Construct by Bronwyn Warnock

  1. A well thought out, tongue in cheek, piece.
    Math in school seems so useless until later in life you make a major math mistake.

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