Writer’s Block by Grace Meyer

Something that most people do with ease is harder for me. You guessed it, writing!

Wait, what?

Why are you in the writing center if you struggle in writing?

Before you go all out and start criticizing me to no end, let me explain.

Whenever I get out my computer and open a fresh blank page, I stare at the cursor disappearing and appearing again. I have some kind of assignment or essay to get done for school, but for some odd reason, my brain has frozen 

and refuses to generate any ideas! I tell myself to work on other homework in the meantime and come back later.

Distracting myself only works for an allotted amount of time before I am forced to look into the eyes of the truth standing before me: I have no idea where to begin.

This is the reason why I struggle to compose introductions and conclusions in all of my writing. I’m fine on the body paragraphs because once I have gotten the first one done it feels effortless. Also, I have significantly gotten better in giving advice on papers made by student writers. Because I have been trained in being an intern, it feels easy to help them express their thoughts and suggest strategies using big ideas and concepts instead of focusing on grammar and individual sentences.

I have a good idea how to begin the first and

 last paragraphs by using generalizations, and looking up synonyms to vary my vocabulary is always helpful. But whether I like it or not, I have a feeling writer’s block will stay at my side for the rest of my life.

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