The Top 10 Reasons for Snow AND Cold Days by Bronwyn Warnock


  1. Snow days provide a temporary break from the school building. Everyone needs that.
  2. The sheer joy of waking up to a snow day and not having to truck all the way to the school building in the early hours of the morning.
  3. It is an even nicer feeling when the school distract calls school off the night before, so that both the students and the facility can know that they any sleep in.
  4. Not having to dig your car out of the tundra we live in called Cleveland.
  5. During snow fall and winter weather, car crashes injure thousands yearly. Nearly 39% of all car crashes during the winter season are because of the unfortunate winter weather.
  6. While January 16th is National Do Nothing Day, snow and cold days allow people to have another lazy day off.
  7. For some, snow days are a way to catch up on school work and other responsibilities.
  8. While I know I have mentioned sleep earlier, I am going to again. The average teenager needs 8-10 hours of relaxing sleep.  Speaking as a teen, my friends and I are lucky if we get 6-7 hours of sleep with all of our school work, extra-curriculars, and responsibilities.
  9. School is great and all, but hanging with friends or just being able to talk with them (not about school), is great. Snow and cold days give a social break and trust me, everyone needs it.
  10. To place it in simplest terms, it is just dangerous to even step outside when it is sub-zero temperatures. If you have the guts to walk outside of your door in that condition, the amount of clothing you must be wearing is just not right.

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