Never a Dull Moment By Isabela Ponce de Leon

Never a Dull Moment

By: Isabela Ponce de Leon

All of my life I have been a dreamer. I’m that kid who sits in the back of the room and gets swept away in her thoughts. My imagination has always been my way to escape reality and create a world that is completely my own. Creativity and art are two things that have no prejudice. There is no gender, religion, race or socioeconomic status attached to it. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like, everyone can connect through art. Despite what is going on in the world or my personal everyday life, art has always found its way in. We are surrounded by a myriad of pieces of art and people’s expression of creativity on a daily basis. It can be found on the screen, in literature, photos, songs, poems, and in its simplest form, doodles on the side of a paper. For me, creativity gives me the ability to see beauty in everything, that special little detail that makes everything unique. The effect art has on society and the world is limitless. People use it as a tool to shed light on current controversial matters. Through art, people are speaking out about their experiences and sentiments surrounding things such as the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter. Art isn’t just about producing something that everyone will love, but also evoking change. In other words, art has become an extension to our voices. Without my upbringing, which allowed me to have an appreciation for the arts and to value what others have to say, I would not have the intimate relationships and connections that I hold so dear in my life. Having been exposed to all types of opinions, backgrounds, voices, cultures, and people I have gained an ability to see the deeper meaning, and without them my perspective of the world would be too ordinary. Our imagination is what allows us to discover unseen possibilities and without a little creativity, life would be oh so very dull.

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