The Real Scare in Halloween by Abigail Beard

Image result for commonappIt’s time to talk about the REAL scare in Halloween. not horror movies or haunted houses or being forced to share candy with your family. No, the real Halloween scare is getting those applications in by the November 1st deadline. Please, please do not wait until that last minute to get your applications in. It will be a real horror when (when) the website crashes on the night of the 31st. I’ll be rubbing my hands in evil glee from my rooftop perch, looking in as the screen shows the infinite loading loop.

Just kidding! I know what it’s like to sit in bed and feel the insurmountable pressure of the future. Getting college apps finished is no small task. It took me a full afternoon to fill out all of the family data. Mom, what is your job title? When did you graduate from college? What degrees did you get? Then you have the flurry of questions asking you to self report your test scores and list the activities that you participated in year by year, as if you remember.

In my opinion, the scariest part of the CommonApp is the minute after you submit it. After that, it’s over. But then you have that split second terror coursing through your veins: Did I mistype my name? Was I off when I reported my SAT scores? Do I even go to this school!?

The good part is that, once it’s done, it’s done. No more stressing about college until later in the year when the regular admission deadline comes up. You may have even gotten lucky, getting all of your schools applied to before thanksgiving break. To you all that have submitted your applications: Congratulations! Now you can focus on even more senior plans, like senior project, the FAFSA, the CSS profile if you opt to do so, and of course, the crippling realization that, after this year, you are on your own!

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