Planning For The Future by Tomasina DeLong

am a junior, looking forward to the prospect of going to college. I am however, extremely stressed about the “Where?” “How?” and “For what” questions. With every adult I speak to, the second or third question is always, “Where are you going to college and what are you studying?” In my head I respond, “How do you think I am supposed to freaking know?!?!” and honestly my facial expressions probably say some of that anyway. I usually respond with an overwhelmed look on my face, saying, “Well…I haven’t decided yet, because I am keeping my options open and I’m not sure what I definitely want to study.” I understand that people are interested in how I am planning on spending my life after high school, but I feel like sometimes we can spent so much time planning that we let the beautiful moments, happening right now, pass us by. I have friends and I have a job and I have school. I have a life! I understand that right now, my life is focused on setting myself up for college, but isn’t college really about setting myself up for life? In all honesty, isn’t life essentially about setting yourself up for retirement?

I think that as a society, we are constantly so worried about the future that we are letting go of what we planned for in the first place. If I spent all of my childhood planning for college, is college a waste if I spend college planning for life? I think that we should pay attention to what is going on now, because if we spend every stage of life planning for the next, then overall, from early childhood through old age, we are simply planning for death.

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