How People Can Change Your Life by Bronwyn Warnock

As summer comes to an end and as autumn begins, I have been reflecting upon the wonderful summer I had. The superficial word of “wonderful” is quite an understatement. There are simply not enough words to describe how¬†miraculous this past summer was. During the spring of my sophomore year, I eagerly searched for a summer program at a university that would emerge me into the college lifestyle.¬† Following a tedious decision, I choose to attend Temple University’s Pre-College Summer Program. This program ran a total of four weeks on Temple’s main campus in the fifth largest city of the nation, Philadelphia.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t going to be some story about my time at Temple University. This is a story about fate. The fate of twelve young adults from across the country that entered into the freshmen dormitory, of Johnson and Hardwick, on that same briskly sunny day.

Over the course of the four week program, our rag-tag group, complied of upcoming juniors and seniors, took credit courses and explored the city of Philadelphia. Yet, this is only the surface of our experience and connection. As time progressed, our group formed an undeniably strong bond, that not only transcended into friendship but into family. Each and every one of us, brought different values, upbringings, and personalities to our little “Philly family”. In the bustling city life of Temple University’s campus in the heart of Philadelphia, each of us were able to find safety and security in one another. From “homework” sessions around the gossiping table to 3am bootleg movie night marathons – it is safe to say that the twelve of us spent all hours together. Eventually, the day of our departure arrived and the tears seemed to endlessly fall from each and every one of us as we all parted ways.

The connections I made this summer have had a ever-lasting impact on me. Months later, our little family still talks each and every night, despite not having the gossip table to sit around. Prior to my summer travels, I was nervous to go to Philadelphia and spend my summer away from all that I was comfortable with. This experience pushed me out of my comfortable zone and shaped me into the person I am now. If I leave you with any message, I wish to leave you with the following; never be afraid to test your limits and try new things. That may sound cheesy and cliche, but I urge you to try something new today or tell someone something you’ve never said. Live your life and meet people, never let life pass you by. There are too many amazing stories and people to experience. And finally, never underestimate the power of the people in your life.









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