Old Lasts and New Firsts by Abigail Herbst

Today is my last Friday of high school.

Next week it will be my last day of high school.

It will be my last time driving to school. My last time complaining about my bad parking spot. My last time walking down the halls I have grown accustomed to over the past four year. The last time I go to my locker. The last time I go to class with my teachers who have not only taught me extensive academic knowledge, but also how to be a strong and caring person.

A few short months later, it will be the last time I sleep in my own bed. The last time I take my dogs for a walk. The last time I go out to brunch with my friends. The last time I walk out of the door of the only home I have ever known.

But I know that these last times are only temporary. I will return home to visit, however my perspective will have changed. I’ll no longer be a high school student, striving to get As to impress my parents and colleges. When I return I’ll have a new life, a new room, new coffee shops I regularly go to, new friends and new teachers.

Even though this chapter of my life is coming to a close, a new one is just beginning. The possibilities of this new chapter are endless. Thinking about all of the lasts as my high school life draws to a close is sad, but it’s important to not only focus and be lasts, but think about the infinite number of firsts in the year to come.

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