Let’s Build a Fort by Isabela Carroll

Let’s Build a Fort

and we can sail away with these light white sheets to guide us.

I’ll man the helm if you make sure no darkness peaks into our small little sail boat.

Let me lay with¬†these twinkling lights as our stars and the infinite waves of your chest rising and subsiding.¬† You promise you’ll whisper so we are hidden from the roaring rain around us.

Everything slows down in here and I can gaze at your face a bit longer, count the dots that cover each cheek and the small hairs between your brows and how your nose curves ever slightly more to the left. Your eyelashes swoop daintily over your closed eyes, peacefully oblivious.

I wonder what you’re dreaming about that makes the corner of your lips turn so slightly up?

Each rising breath reasons my worries away until my ears only hear the sound of a heart beat singing my eyes to sleep.

When I open them again you are looking at me, the curve of my eyelids, the lines along my forehead, the way my nose scrunches up revealing a single left dimple when I notice you.

We lay with the twinkling stars and the rising waves on this small little sail boat

Both knowing if we could, we would stay in this fortress forever.

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