Power of the Pants by Sophie Browner

Last Sunday, I had an unexpectedly eye-opening trip to the mall. As I strolled through the messy isles of Forever21, I observed thImage result for flowey pants trend feminisme rows upon rows of pants. I realized however, that the array of pants being shown on the mannequins were different than what I was expecting. It seems that the skin-tight leggings and ripped jeans are leaving the scene, and vibrant, patterned, flowey pants are on the come up. To some this may just be the current trend, one that will be quickly replaced and forgotten when next month’s Vogue comes out. But to me, this is liberation. This is us, standing up and saying we WILL not wear those skin tight jeans anymore.  When women started wearing pants in the 20’s, it was a huge step towards equality (and a more comfortable wardrobe.) Women’s fashion is so interesting to me, the way that it has shifted and revolutionized through history. From Corsets to poodle skirts, then bell-bottoms to jeggings, each style came with its own message. And today, in 2018, maybe comfort is the new “cool.” I think that showing such freeing styles in the media gives a positive message finally shying away from the “male gaze,” which fashion has tended to for far too long. So, ladies, stand tall and wear the pants that make you feel confident, strong, and like the bad ass activist you are.

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