Why I March by Caitlin Cullina

never have i felt weaker

than when for the first time someone told me i couldn’t because i was a girl

never have i felt stronger

than when nevertheless i persisted

never have i felt more ashamed to be american

than when it became our goal to build a wall

never have i felt more patriotic

than when i protested for my rights

never have i felt so repressed

than when the vote for our president was out of my control

never have i felt so liberated

than when i flipped off the white house

never have i hated being a women more

than when an old white man tried to make decisions about my body

never have i been so proud to be female

than when i stood among a crowd of thousands of feminists

i march so that no one has the power to make me feel repressed or ashamed or weak

so that i can stand tall and everyone will listen as i speak

a new day is on the horizon

united we are rising

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