Why Marvel Is The Best by Phillip Kalafatis

In my most humble opinion, Marvel Comics is one of the best things to grace this planet. I say this because Marvel, to me, has everything, and they can do almost anything. They create characters and plots that ring true in context to contemporary issues. Take the Inhumans for example. They are quite literally part alien, and the several story arcs that involvewith them, deal with the issue of who belongs. The human governments want to kick the Inhumans out of their country to keep their people safe. The humans deem the relatively peaceful Inhumans dangerous to their societies. Another theme that goes hand in hand with this is the Mutants. Almost since their creation, they have been used to be advocates against discrimination and to show the people who refused to see it in the real world, how it was wrong in the Marvel world.

The most recent development that has made me love Marvel, even more, is the diversity. Iron Man has handed the mantle over to a young black genius named Riri Williams, aka Ironheart. Miles Morales is the new Spiderman, who is a black boy, around the same age as Peter Parker from a parallel universe. Polaris, the daughter of Magneto, is leading her own X-Men team as she struggles with her bipolar disorder.  A young Iceman from the recent past has fallen in love with an Inhuman boy as well named Romeo. America Chavez is a Hispanic girl who fights crime, who also happens to like girls.

All these things show that Marvel is willing and in fact wants to have a universe that looks and is just like the fanbase.

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