Indecision by Renold Mueller

What sort of creature walks with the right foot in one direction and the left in another?
Is it not better to chase full-steam ahead into one storm or another, rather than wait for them both to rend you in two?
Should you make a single choice, and prepare your body and mind for all the consequences that come with it? Or is there room for half-measures?
If you should be a villain, should not you harden your soul and be a villain, rather than endeavor to maintain a shred of heroic dignity?

If you should be a hero, should not you smother the realist screaming in your ear, and dive headfirst into your deep role?
If you gravely wound another, should not you finish the work you began, and spare them the extended suffering?
If you love another, should not you love them like no other, and endeavor never to see them hurt?
How do you know which direction to take, when one leads to freedom, and the other to safety, and indecisiveness will provide you neither?
Or, might it be wiser to remain stuck in the middle? Can a conflicted mind on its own yield a result truer than either choice?
How can you know?

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