I’m Sorry by Isabela Carroll

I’m Sorry 

Words uttered so often that I no longer know the meaning
I take the possession
Am I in this moment
Hear these solemn sounds lose structure
A ringed out paper towel
One curdled drop sitting on the table
Broken baby what have they done to you
They tell you to hide your hips
For your safety
I would tell you that you were born to be gazed at
That you should not fear eyes on you on
But it depends whose eyes on you
I’m sorry.. that this world is so much harder than I made it seem
That this gray toned swirl of cold paint clings until you are just another plastered painting
But I knew that if I told you
Wolves whisper sweet nothings to ease the dripping red on your hood
You’d cling so quickly to that sea of sheets
Covering each peek of skin that would ever reveal it’s you
Until once more your head peeks out in curiosity
And with a tilted grin you’ll grasp onto me
Warmed in my love 
When I look at your hands they are so beautiful
smooth and pale
as you wrap your fingers through mine I squeeze tight
to hear your veins play the rhythmic pounding of your heart
and once this beat has sung you to sleep
I close the door.
One day on the way out the peak of sunlight 
beckoned you
And when you mistook
Burning for warmth
It engulfed you in flames
As those hands dragged up the limp remains of a broke down body
I wished to show you that
when I squeeze to not fear suffocating
for embraces are not meant to be cautioned with a flinch
If only you knew that you will grow from this
That wings are built from ashes
And I promise these hands are still strong enough to pull you up again
though time ticks the years on each knotted knuckle
and those stretched out lines tell stories of your pain
When I touch you
I will know these hands are tired
yet your heart still beats
and your hands are still so beautiful. 
Oh lonely love
I’m sorry that they have been so cruel to you
but before you crawl back to those sea of sheets
I promise
If you are willing to spread your arms out once more
That this wide world is only
waiting to embrace you.  

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