Donald Trump Is Ruining The Environment and There’s Nothing I Can Do About It – Lily Roth

Donald Trump should be embracing the run to renewable energy.  Donald Trump should not be finding new places to drill and mine for resources. And Donald Trump should certainly not be destructing national parks and monuments to do so. Donald Trump is ruining the environment and there’s nothing I can do about it. On December 2nd, Donald Trump and his advisors will travel to Utah to make a statement about how he will murder plants, animals, and sacred ground in order to create “free” land to obtain nonrenewable resources.  His proposals range from lifting restrictions on activities like commercial fishing to shrinking the borders of national parks by large percentages.

None of this is fair. It isn’t fair to me, the #1 national parks fan, to destroy famous landscapes to get some oil. It isn’t fair to Native Americans when Trump tweets with the hashtag #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth but decides to bulldoze through some of the most culturally important sites to Native Americans. What’s even worse? There’s NOTHING anyone can do.  I’ve called my senator, I’ve written letters, I’ve even organized hiking groups in Cleveland to raise awareness. But none of it matters because on December 2nd, Donald Trump will still travel to Utah and explain his plan to destroy some of my favorite places in this country. Oh, happy day.

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