Broken Mind by Phillip Kalafatis

I knew there was one in my class. I mean…there had to be.
The Department of Homeland Security had just released the percents. Four percent of people can read minds.
We are always cautioned against exposing the readers, as they may panic and hurt themselves.
I say that’s dumb.
In my first period Calculus class there are twenty-six people. Statistically there has got to be at least one mind reader in here.
Now, some people argue that when the Earth was hit by the gamma wave from the mega supernova of the red giant X-28C, only part of the Earth was exposed to the radiation that altered the DNA of thousands, maybe millions of individuals.
That being said, the theory that I believe, the theory that just has to be true, is that when the gamma rays entered the Earth’s atmosphere, they were traveling at such a speed that they actually went through the Earth. This would explain the mass irradiation of the groundwater underneath Iceland we’ve been hearing about. If my theory is accurate, that would mean that people all around the globe could be effected.
The teacher drones on about who knows what, as I survey the classroom.
I carefully shy my eyes away from my crush, Phoenix. My heart jitters as I continue my scan of the room, painfully consistence of the slope of his jaw and the way the lights set his honeyed eyes ablaze.
I stop my search when I see who the obvious Voyant (the slang name for the mind readers) must be.
Sage Arlyn.
Her onyx hair cut into a severe bob that sloped up around the back of her head. Her eye makeup was an ice white, causing her eyes to pop out from her deep topaz skin.
She was hands down the smartest person not just in the senior class, but in the whole school. I locked my eyes ot the back of her head, and thought screamed at her.
Not any particular word just a mental AHHHHH.
Nothing, no response, she didn’t even flinch.
I pursed my lips and shifted in my seat.
“Intriguing.” I mumbled silently.
I dishearteningly sat back and stared at the board, trying to decipher the math lingo on the board when I felt someones fiery gaze on me.
My breathe hitches as his stare intensifies.
He silently turns away and scribbles something down.
He then gets up and walks towards me.
I freeze in my seat as he walks past and drops the sheet on my desk.
Why did you yell at me?
What? I thought to myself as I watched him loop back to his seat, I didn’t yell at him. I yelled at…
Ice floods my veins as I realize what has happened.
Phoenix is the Voyant and he knows my thoughts. In fact he could be reading them right now.
I jump up from my seat and grab my belongings. Saying something about going to the nurse as I charged out of the room.
Phoenix’s eyes followed me out of the room.

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