Authors and Their Worlds by Madi Hart

The relationship between authors and their worlds has always fascinated me. Successful authors from every time period have been able to live lives as long as any of the rest of us, but have also been able to soak in, analyze, and beautifully frame the messages woven into the fabric of our society. It’s as if they have lived a thousand lives before, watching the subtle body language of those around them, noticing patterns in relationships, realizing that no matter the period, human existence has mirrored the experiences of those in our past and shot laser beams into the future, engraving the same path for us to move along. Just as our experiences simultaneously mirror and engrave, an author’s work is stuck in a constant cycle, portraying and affecting the world while they chronicle it.

The relationship between readers and their favorite authors? Even more fascinating. The most intimate interaction between human beings occurs when a writer shares their work with a reader. When a writer shares their observations of the world, they offer up feelings and experiences (in the forms of their characters and settings) that may be so deep-seated within their subconscious that they aren’t aware of them yet. 

Authors spend the entirety of their lives breathing in the world to sigh it back into the universe from which it came. As soon as it’s released and breathed in by a reader, the reader uses it in their life experiences from then on, someday to be transformed into a sigh of their own.

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