The Magic of Online Multiplayer Games by Madi Hart

This past week, I found myself with a lot of free time. I baked a few batches of brownies, created a few boards on Pinterest, and picked a couple of knitting projects to work on this winter (I’m seventeen, I promise). I also found myself on the App Store, perusing some online multiplayer games. I decided to download Stop!, Words with Friends, and Jeopardy!… and I’m hooked. Although the time I spend isn’t productive in a tangible way, all three games improve my ability to produce “quality” work under pressure. In addition, Jeopardy! improves my knowledge of trivia and Words with Friends improves my vocabulary and strategizing skills.
Beyond the educational aspects, these online multiplayer games allow me to connect with family and friends around the world on a purely competitive level. Unlike other online ways to connect (like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), there’s ‘virtually’ no way to reach a point of contention about politics. Beautiful.

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