It’s Spooky Season by Phillip Kalafatis

Its that time everyone.
Who’s excited? I’m excited. It’s time for sweater weather and hot drinks. NOT pumpkin spice lattes (don’t be that person). I’m talking skeleton sweaters and hot cider. Horror books and horror movies. But mostly for me, horror books. Staying up late reading a novel that sets your nerves on fire and the hair on the back of your neck standing up. The shadows in your room becoming people, monsters, or other things.
‘Tis the season for glowing pumpkins and freezing gusts of wind. Falling leaves, and the true horror; raking up all the leaves.
The feeling of your toes and fingers chilling even when under a blanket. Autumn winds howling outside your window as you labor over your homework. Jumping from store to store, craving the blast of warmth that emanates from within as you venture out with your friends.
The spookiness reaches its peak after it’s all completed and you realize, one more year has passed since the last, and one more year until the next.
And then you wait.

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