Open For Business! by Caitlin Cullina

         The Shaker Writing Center has officially opened for the 2017–2018 school year and I can’t wait to start conferencing! It was wonderful to see students fill up the tables, ready to learn more about what we do here as interns. And we received plenty of creative submissions in our “Title Your Memoir” competition. Some students were even ahead of the game, and stopped by to ask if they could get a session on our first day. Unfortunately, we had to say that we couldn’t take any students until the next day because we had classes coming by all period; nonetheless, seeing eager students come by definitely boosted my confidence.
         It was a pretty surreal experience to see students in the center. It certainly got me excited to begin working with them, but honestly it also made me a tad nervous. Writing is a very intricate process and my peers trust me to give them good advice. Also sharing one’s work is makes a person quite vulnerable so I hope that I’m able to get through to students and have them respect my opinion.
         I already care a great deal about the opportunities the Writing Center is sure to give students. I’m also interested to see what kind of things that I learn along the way about writing, tutoring, and myself.
         We also took a group picture of the interns and our two advisors, which was kind of crazy and fun. I loved seeing the whole gang together in our t-shirts! I can already tell we have such an amazing dynamic. I’m ready for the year to come with the Shaker Writing Center.

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