A Plea to all the Dreamers by Isabela Carroll

A Plea to all the Dreamers

I re-watched the film Amelie (directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet) recently and after the film this one line kept repeating in my mind,

Times are hard for Dreamers

The more I think about this quote the more I see its reflection in the world. To be a dreamer is to be a fool, because only a dreamer can still have hope after they’ve been kicked down again and again. Everyone in some way is a dreamer. Simple things suffice, like keeping sweets in your pocket for a quick boost, listening to music on your walks, or covering your paper in doodles. To be a dreamer is to escape, to hold a secret hope so close that it keeps you safe when the world feels like a dark sheet closing in around you.  We are all just hanging by a small thread, with politics and natural disasters and faulty relationships and deadlines, each time our optimism slips.

Now more than ever we need some hope to hold on to.

So to all the dreamers I plea, ignore the instances that tell you its all over.  Hold tight on to the sweets in your pocket, the headphones in your ears, and the pen in your hand.  These are the twinkles of light that make the world a little brighter.

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