My Magical St. Patrick’s Day

I once found a Leprechaun.

My journey began in a place called Bartlett on the outskirts of Memphis. I was meant to travel to Memphis to celebrate the day and see the parade. On the way to the blue city I saw a pyramid and met a saint. Once inside the city walls, music filled the streets and crowds of people were tipsy with excitement.  Horses clopped past me drawing elegant carriages and a magical trolley flew across the sky above me. I collected strands of jewels as I worked my way through the crowd to view the parade. Music playing troops marched by and members of the parade court waved to the crowd. And to my surprise I was presented a red carnation by one marching past. With the flower in my hand, I found myself away from the crowd on a magical street called Beale. Having seen the parade, I found myself in want of corned beef and Irish soda bread. So searching for a place to satiate my hunger, I found myself walking into a friendly tavern. Yet I was tricked! When I walked through the door I was in not a tavern, but a courtyard! The courtyard was grey and deserted. Almost deserted. In the center of the space, protecting his pot of gold, sat a leprechaun. This leprechaun was taller than most, but magical nonetheless. For when I blinked the leprechaun seemed to be gone with just a wink! I searched the courtyard for any remnants of the leprechaun’s magic or his gold, but found only a door. Through the door I found a bustling place of food and drink. It struck me as an ordinary place til I saw there were flecks of gold in everything plate and then I knew the leprechaun had blessed this space. And this is the tale of whence I met a leprechaun, and I assure you it is completely true.

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