Fun With Fonts!

The default font Cambria (Body) is what comes up every time you open a Word document and then start randomly typing. Why Cambria? I mean, I know it’s a very basic font but it’s not exciting at all. Why can’t there be a little excitement like how about this: awkward, run-on
Why don’t we open with Impact? It’s a fun font, it’s dramatic, and it gets the point across if you’re writing  a powerful essay on current events . You could make a political statement with this font and everyone would read it because of how bold it is and how “in your face” it is. And then there’s the font that I have to use when writing plays in Dramatic Literature and Writing:
Courier New. It looks like how a typewriter would type back in the “good ol’ days.” That’s probably why I have to use it for my plays. There weren’t computers back in the time of dead playwrights,; they used typewriters. I guess we can’t get out of old times sometimes and we just go back to what we know from long ago. Then there’s this one that I just discovered not too long ago:
Stencil… I don’t know when you would use this except if you were making a poster go up in the school to advertise some club or some sporting event. This is one that annoys me. Any font that only types in all caps is annoying! Why does word try to correct your lowercase letters if everythingis Uppercase, caps, and bolded. The only thing fonts like this are missing are being in all Italics. Then there’s this one that probably only pre-school and kindergartens teachers use:
Chalkduster… Who in the world uses this one, except in the title sequence for that old Nickelodeon show, Chalkzone?! I really want to know why you would use this in anything you write unless you want to create a fake impression of what chalk looks like on a chalk board. This font is too smooth to look like what chalk on a chalkboard looks like. Writing on a chalkboard is hard and makes an annoying screeching sound, but right now all a hear is the annoying tapping, typing sound coming from my fingers typing on the keyboard. Then there’s what you are required to use for a proper essay:
Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12pt font. This is so boring that I can’t even write about it. Creative writing and playwriting are what I like to do, and none of them require to use a font that is so simple and boring. When doing a creative piece I can use whatever font I so desire, I can use fonts as my outlet. But with Times New Roman, Double Space, 12pt font, I am very limited to what I can do. I think I might go to my two favorite fonts now I’m lulling myself to sleep with this one. I’ll start with one that I see a lot:
Playbill,; I like this because it is from the theatre, and I can relate to this with how many playbills I have in my house stacked up in my bookcase. The only problem with it is it’s so damn small with 12pt font. I see this font so much in playbills, and it has to be at least 20pt font because if it was 12pt you wouldn’t be able to read it at all. The only problem with this font in Word is that is so hard to read because all the letters are so close together. Here is what this looks like in the default 12pt font: Can you read this? I know I can’t, unless I get really close to my computer screen. Well, time to get to my favorite font that I like using in science lab reports and other things that aren’t boring literary analysis:
Bookman Old Style,. I’ve been using this font since I was in elementary school. I used this font all through elementary school and then through my 6th grade year. I used it because there were no regulations on what font you had to use back then. I liked it because it was easy to read and had a little whimsical nature to it (although I didn’t know what whimsical meant back then). I still love this font and use whenever I can. And then there’s the useless font:
Wingdings…what is the point of this font anyway? When are you ever going to use this font in everyday life. You can’t use it in a literary analysis, you can’t put it in a lab report, and you’d be taking a real risk if you decided to write your college essay all in wingdings. If someone can comment on this and tell me when and why you would ever use this font. Who wants to read a bunch of shapes and not know what any of it means.(I’ll let you translate this paragraph yourself).
And don’t even get me started on this one!

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