The Final Countdown

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Somehow I have managed to survive all of my finals so far.  So as I’m preparing to take my last high school finals ever, I would like to reminisce on finals past. Every year I promised myself I would study for finals during winter break, and then I laughed at my promise knowing I would never keep it. I spent the week before finals stressing as I tried to cram a winter break’s worth of studying into five days. Yet finals weren’t all bad. Although it’s always been a hectic and stressful time, I’ve always found something enjoyable about it. While I’ve never enjoyed sacrificing my sleep to study and then sitting for grueling exams, I have always liked the final exam schedule. With a week of minimal homework, there’s a sense of community as everyone prepares to either succeed or fail together. And the few days after finals are ones of pure bliss, as there’s no guilt for not doing anything since the second semester has not yet begun. During finals the weather outside has always resembled that of a winter wonderland. Some may not like the cold, but I’ve always enjoyed returning home in the snow from finals. The freezing weather always calmed my post finals emotions. While I’m not a fan of finals and I know my finals next year will be even more stressful, a part of me has always been excited for finals week.

By Maria White

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