Holiday Greeting Archetypes by Maria White

As the month of December skates towards the holidays, everyone’s homes suddenly become flooded with letters and greetings, looking more and more like Number 4 Privet Drive when Harry gets his Hogwarts letter(s). Yes not only are we entering  the season of snow and festivity, but also the season of holiday greeting cards. From sweet sentiments of grandparents to best wishes from an ambiguous relative, there is a whole range of holiday greetings.
Like handwriting, a holiday card can say a lot about a person. There are the printed holiday cards where it can be presumed hours were spent to get that perfect photo showcasing the splendor of their family. They send their typed wishes and secure their places as the professional, and efficient, Show Offs.
Sometimes families coordinate their outfits and wear ugly sweaters. They don’t just pose for their photos, they create a laughable scene. Their goal is to send laughter with their holiday greetings, they are the Jokers.
With handwritten and sweet messages, a new group is introduced as the Well-Wishers. After choosing a cute seasonal card, the Well Wishers painstakingly take the time to write a message to each and everyone on their list. Sweet sentiments of sincerity secure the Well Wishers as the premier holiday card senders.
The final group is the Never Sender. They spend hours creating a list of contacts and their addresses to send their cards to. A cute photo is taken in front of a festive scene and days later a hundred copies of the photo are made. The list and the photos sit waiting to be enveloped and mailed, gathering dust as the holidays pass by.  Weeks later the photos are found and more promises to send them are broken until finally they are placed into a drawer with other past family photos. The Never Senders begin the same cycle the next year and for years to come.
This holiday season be on the look out for the Show Offs, Jokers, Well Wishers, and the Never Senders in your mailbox. These are the holiday greeting archetypes. Yet as movies such as the Breakfast Club have taught us, we are more than just our labels and each one of us is a Show Off, a Joker, a Well Wisher, and a Never Sender.

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