Page After Page by Kathleen White

I love reading! I love becoming engrossed in story lines, connecting to characters, and staying up as late as it takes until I finish a chapter or, more likely, the book. When I’m asked my hobbies I always list reading as one of them, and it’s true I used to be an avid reader! But now I feel like a sham, a phony, a faux bibliophile! I no longer turn page after page of a good book or dog-ear corners for me to excitedly return to later. No, unfortunately now the only books I read are required. I don’t mind reading for English class, in fact I usually enjoy the selections, but I miss reading at my own pace and reading a novel of my own choosing.  
I feel even more guilty about not reading, because I do watch Netflix. Why don’t I just read instead of watch TV? But the two things are not interchangeable. Netflix is what I watch to de-stress when I come right home from school, while reading is what I do before I fall asleep at night. But these days I’m doing homework until my brain shuts down from exhaustion, there’s no time to read! My prime reading time has been invaded by homework, studying, and college apps! 
Not reading just adds to my stress load! I’m afraid my vocabulary is becoming stagnate or worse, digressing! I’m afraid that I’m becoming less intellectual and that my writing will suffer! I want nothing more than to pick up a good book and start reading again (it’s like riding a bike!), but there’s not enough time in the day! High school has ripped me from a world of quiet reading time, but hopefully I can return there soon.

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