Nobody’s Perfect! by Anabel McGuan

As a self-proclaimed “grammar nerd,” I am confident in my writing abilities. I’ve always loved reading and writing, be it essays, novels, fiction, non-fiction, or what-have-you. In addition to my position as a Shaker Writing Center Intern, I am the chief copy-editor of the Shakerite, where my job is to scrutinize every piece of writing that the newspaper publishes for errors, redundancy, unnecessary prepositional phrases, and general mushiness.

Today in AP Language & Composition, Ms. Sekicky handed back our first quiz of the year. The topic was greening — editing writing to create the most concise, precise, and emphatic version possible. I live for that stuff! So, imagine my surprise when I received a failing grade. Oops. 
Everyone can benefit from writing instruction. No matter what stage in the process or how strong a writer you are, having a second — or third — pair of eyes on your writing can be hugely beneficial. 

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